Wednesday, September 21, 2016

12 Months 12 Cakes: Coconut Pie

Our September choice was...............

this Old Fashioned Recipe for Coconut Cream Pie

I had never cooked a pudding from scratch. Although the recipe worked really well, I did not cook it on low heat. The mixture was heating so slowly that I would have been cooking it for hours. I set the oven at 3, then 4 and then 5. I did stir the pudding all the time so all was fine.


The pie was so wonderfully delicious! While making this wonderful pie, I followed the recipe step by step. I used a graham pie crust. However, I decided to cut down on calories and did not put a whipped cream topping layer on the pie. I sprayed it with some whipped cream instead.

The results - an exquisite dessert! Both of us like vanilla pudding based desserts and that recipe is a certainly a keeper.