Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cute 'Ugglys' Creatures

This is our first and only (at least so far) part of the 'Ugglys Pets' collection. Some creatures are actually not ugly but rather cute. In our opinion, the Dopey Doberman is the cutest in this batch.

Well, guess what the little, green thing is supposed to be.............. :-)

Dopey Doberman

Our Anniversary Banana Trifle

This delightful dessert was our wedding anniversary treat.

I had come the banana pie filling by Musselman's and thought I would do something with that. I was not sure what exactly it could be good for though - I had never had a banana pie. Therefore, I decided to check the Musselman's website.

It appeared, they have quite a lot of various recipes there, including this banana trifle. Simply delicious! And easy to make, easier than traditional banana pudding.

Next time when I get the banana pie filling, I will probably give a banana pie a try, unless my husband prefers to have the trifle again. :-)