Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Good Dinner Biscuits

This is a very good recipe for dinner biscuits - I mentioned it already in one of my previous posts.
The biscuits are supposed to be Red Lobster-like ones.

My fancy biscuits cutter

However, it all depends how you make them.

  1.  You can follow the recipe step by step and you get the bread which a bit reminds the one served at Red Lobster.
  2. My favorite way - instead of brushing the biscuits after they are taken out of the oven, I damp them in the melted butter-and-garlic powder mix before the baking time and putting them on the tin.  Then, I bake them for about 17 minutes and the biscuits come out fluffy and very tasty.

Method #2 result

Olsouthrecipes.com is one of my favorite collection of the traditional southern recipes. It was also the site which I found very helpful while learning how to make some old fashioned and - so good - holiday dishes.