Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beans, Bread and Traditional Cake

'Casting all your care
upon him; for he careth
for you'
-1 Peter 5:7
Today something traditional from the kitchen. How about some good beans and bread?
Good for a meatless day but not only. Just good :).
Love learning old Southern recipes especially if they are not complicated, and the result is so enjoyable.

Buttermilk bread - recipe

And some cake for dessert:

Carrot cake - recipe
Simple cake - recipe

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sports and Enjoyment

Not long ago The World Football (well, don't know why it is called soccer) Championships were taking place in a totally different part of the world, and it was fun following the matches too. Who will win the Cup this year? Maybe a European team? We'll see...

Besides football/soccer, we also enjoyed a totally different game recently -  its atmosphere was more laid back and quite enjoyable too - but in a different, more relaxed way ........

Well, no matter what sport you enjoy watching, it is always good to have some plum or other fruit cake for dessert.

The cake is great, just add  a little less sugar than in the original recipe.