Wednesday, December 28, 2016

12 Months 12 cakes: #11 Mixed Fruit Cobbler

I would rather write about the Christmas experience but I need to catch up with my November project entry.

Last month, my new try was the Loretta Fruit Cobbler Mix by Bektrom Foods Inc. Besides finding new recipes, I also enjoy experimenting with half ready cakes (mixes). They can be really convenient when you need to make a nice treat for an unexpected occasion/guests or simply when you want to make your life easy. 😀

What I used to make the cobbler:

1 jar - mixed fruit,
Loretta Fruit Cobbler Mix.

First try: I followed the recipe given by the mix manufacturer. The cobbler was tasty but only when it was fresh and warm. Next day, not really.

Second try: I followed all the steps of the given recipe given besides one thing. The instructions tell you to pour the melted butter onto the fruits and then cover it all with the batter/cobbler mix. I stirred the melted butter into the batter (cobbler mix) and spread it all on the fruits (which had been placed in a greased tin of course).
The results were much better. The cobbler was crispier than before and was still tasty even 2 days later.

I stored it in the fridge and warmed up each piece in the microwave before serving. With a splash of whipped cream, the cobbler made quite a nice, and easy to make dessert.

Visit the Bektrom Foods Inc. page to see what the package of Loretta Fruit Cobbler Mix looks like.

Loretta Fruit Cobbler Mix price =$1 at Dollar Tree

Thursday, December 15, 2016

12 Cakes 12 Months: Vanilla Bundt Cake

I have noticed recently, that, due to different life matters, I overlooked a couple of entries on my 12 Cakes 12 Months project. I had not skipped the idea of the project, no. Actually, I think of it quite often, trying to find a new, good cake recipe. High time to post some updates then.

In October, we had a vanilla bundt cake. It raised beautifully, was moistened and really, really tasty.

I called it vanilla cake as I did not have the coconut extract suggested in the recipe.
It is worth recommending anyway.