Monday, July 24, 2017

Family Lunch at Joe T's

Some time ago, we had a family lunch at Joe T Garcia's which is one of our favorite food places. It was a very enjoyable meeting and quite a feast too!

First, chips and salsa arrived on the table.

Then, cheese and beef tacos + nachos were served.

I love nachos at Joe T's but if I had had more than two, I would not have been be able to eat the main course.

More tacos came then + an enchilada plate and corn tortillas to share...

Great fajitas to follow...

Of all the family, only I like pico de gallo so it was all for me.

After the meal, a walk in the restaurant's backyard - beautiful gardens full of various plants, flowers, statues and other decorations.

We had a great time!

What is your favorite restaurant/food place?

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