Tuesday, July 5, 2016

12 Months 12 Cakes: Coconut Disaster

This year I have been trying to make a new cake every month. With different results.

To be honest, my last try was a disaster. Here is a note on the unsuccessful attempt.

I had wanted to make a coconut cake for some time and finally I found that recipe for coconut pound loaf cake. Everything was OK till the baking time. To my disappointment, the temperature (300 F) given in the recipe was too low. I baked the bread for 1 hour and 15 minutes, according to the instructions. When I checked it, the cake was totally undone. I added 15 minutes more but later, the cake was still not ready.

All in all, the baking time took approximately 2 hours. However, opening the oven again and again totally spoilt the cake. Although it looked good from the outside, the inside was not eatable at all. I had to throw it away. What a waste of all the ingredients!

If the oven temperature had been higher (350F), it might have been a good and tasty coconut bread.

Anyway, I do not think I will use the recipe again.

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