Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Soups on Our Menu: Onion Soup

A few years ago, I was served onion soup in a restaurant. The soup was awful and I did not eat it. Since that was the only time when I had onion soup, I thought I could try to make some good one for us.

I found a recipe, which seemed easy, and decided to follow it.

There was no problems with making the soup, except the final part. The recipe calls for broiling the soup, bread + cheese in the oven and we do not have small soup serving bowls which are oven proof. I did it anyway - in a bit different way -  just used a big pyrex dish.

The results were not good enough though. The slices of bread were mushy.
I also tried melting the cheese in the microwave: the soup got extremely hot but the cheese did not melt entirely.  All in all, no matter what my attempts where, the final effect was not very enjoyable.

Attempt #1
We ate the onion soup - attempt #1 - even though it was very sweet. Too sweet according to our likes.

Some time later, I made it again but that time I skipped the sugar. The onions, prepared according to the recipe are sweet enough, so no sugar is needed at all.
Finally, before serving, I topped the soup with a 'good' amount of shredded cheese and some croutons (instead of broiling bread and cheese slices). And this is our  way of making and serving the French onion soup.

As my husband said: 'The soup gives a good taste to the palate'. It is very good for an appetizer indeed.

Final result which we like......

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